Service/Manuals | Pulsar Watches

Servicing your PULSAR Watch

PULSAR watches are serviced in the UK by Seiko UK Limited at our offices in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Should your watch require attention, then please ensure it is safely packed and send it for our attention to:

SUKL, Vanwall Road, Maidenhead, SL6 4UW

Please do not send the gift box but do enclose your guarantee or proof of purchase if the watch is still within the guarantee period. In addition, please enclose a letter fully describing the problem or symptoms being encountered. Make sure your name and address are shown on both the outside of the package as a return address, and on the correspondence inside.

Always insure the package to protect yourself in case of loss in transit and to make tracing possible if necessary. Package the timepiece well to protect it in transit. Please note you can also have an authorised dealer process the repair for you.

Levels of Water Resistance

The water resistance relates to pressure as measured in the equivalent of a static tank of water at a given depth under water. But please note, the faster an object is moved in or against water, the greater the pressure on the watch. For that reason, a watch that is water resistant to 30 metres may leak if exposed to water coming forcefully from a tap, or worn whilst vigorously swimming or diving, as the increased pressure may exceed the designed resistance.

You must not press the buttons on the watch while the watch is submerged in water or still wet. You must not pull out the winder while the watch is submerged in water. If the case, glass or seal is damaged in any way the watch will no longer be guaranteed water-resistant.

Condensation can appear in any watch and is caused by a sudden change in temperature i.e. when a watch is removed from a cold room and placed into a warm room, or vice versa. The appearance of condensation does not mean the watch will not operate but it should be checked by us. A watch exposed to sea water should be washed well in fresh water and wiped dry.

Batteries in water-resistant watches should be replaced by us so that the seal can be checked and renewed if necessary, otherwise the watch may no longer be guaranteed water-resistant. Water-resistance is not a permanent condition. For example, the gaskets that are around the stem, case back and glass will deteriorate with time and should be inspected and changed periodically. It is good practice to change the battery hatch or case back gaskets whenever the battery is changed.

Two Year Guarantee

The guarantee period is two years from the date of purchase. Within this period regulation, adjustment, repair or replacement parts of movement will be performed without charge except in case of damage caused by accidents or lack of care.

The guarantee covers defects in materials and workmanship. It does not cover the glass crystal, bracelet, strap, attachments or battery.  It does not cover water damage when it is not clearly stated on the case back as 'water resistant'. It does not cover scratches on the case caused by use. Unauthorised repairs are not covered.

Please refer to the instruction booklets/guarantee cards that accompany each product for further information.

Please note that guarantees for all products are offered in addition to existing statutory rights.

Instruction Booklets

You can download the instruction booklet for your watch here.  Instruction booklets are published for each type of watch movement.  A watch movement is the mechanism inside the watch responsible for keeping time.  Types of watch movements are known as calibres.  You will need to know the calibre number for your watch in order to download the correct instruction booklet.